Tile renovation without demolition, smoothly glazed and painted by eliminating the old interstice.

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Waterproof renovation of tiles, without demolition.

Eliminate the old interstice, smoothly glazed surface, paint monochrome.

Lacquered, treated with a care.


HARZO Tile Filler lets you remove old tiles and old interstices without demolition and dust. With a smooth monochrome HARZO Colour Top Coat, HARZO two-component Varnish and HARZO Polishing Care, you can create a waterproof surface in any colour.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! The tools can be washed with water!


Ingredients: mix all materials thoroughly before use.

  • HARZO Tile Filler
  • HARZO-Fix Trowel Filler
  • HARZO Penetrating Primer
  • HARZO Colour Top Coat (coloured in a paint shop according to RAL or NCS colour scheme, or homemade with water-based hand colouring pastes)
  • HARZO two-component water varnish
  • HARZO Liquid polishing care


Description of workflows and layer orders:

1. Preparation

To degreas the tile, you can use Triso, dissolved in lukewarm water or any degreaser. After dissolving the grease, wash the tile thoroughly with clean water. Wipe it dry. Make sure to wipe the remnants of the degreaser (veil layer) from the dried tile thoroughly with a dry cloth after washing the degreaser.

2. First layer fillering

In order to create a nice straight base in the HARZO tile filler, to facilitate glazing and to bridge the movement of the tile, it is recommended to embed a construction net, which is also used in façade insulation.

The net must be cut to size so that it is about half to one inch from the bottom and top of the sidewall. About 10 cm out of the width of the stripped mesh, the tiled bricks should be aerated. After you remove the net, you have to put it in this filler and smooth it with stainless steel, push the net into it, then pull the excess off it and put it back in the bucket. Then place the next net next to it in the same way, just DO NOT overlap it, about half an inch between the two nets. The same should be done on a walking surface, it is worth cutting the net into 60 cm bands, so that it is easier to understand the net by hand when kneeling and bending.

It is recommended that all the meshes needed to embed them be scaled before glazing, so that there is no problem with this when glazing!

TIP: In the case of a sidewall, when inserting the mesh into the HARZO tile ball, you need to make sure that it is hung from above and smooth it into the top with a spatula, filler iron that will hold the net and so you can embed it nicely downwards.

Its drying time is about 4-8 hours, with an air temperature of 20-22 °C and adequate ventilation and ventilation. Coverage: approx. 1kg/m2/single layer

Tile ball packaging:

  • 6 kg
  • 20 kg

3. HARZO-Fix Trowel Fillering

(HARZO Trowel filler is used to train completely smooth walls before painting, this material makes it much easier to make smooth walls, easier, easier to glaze than tile filler)

After drying, small protruding pieces and cans can be scraped with a spatula or sanded and dusted. After dedusting, the HARZO-Fix Trowel Filler should be fillered a second time, usually in one layer, or it can be in several layers depending on the quality and defects of the mesh bed. If errors are still found, they must be repaired (flecked) with the Finishing filler. It is advisable to draw a trowel filler material into the corners, do not have a cornered design, but rather curved, because this will give you a nice finish to paint.

Its drying time depends on its thickness. In a thickness of 1-2mm, about 30 minutes-1 hours, with an air temperature of 20-22 °C and adequate ventilation and ventilation.


Coverage: approx. 0.2-0.3 kg/m2/single layer, depending on the depth of defects


  • 3 kg
  • 6 kg
  • 20 kg

4. Deep foundation

After drying the HARZO-Trowel Filler, grinding, dedusting, washing, drying and deep foundation with HARZO Penetrating Primer follow. It can be applied with a roller, but it is better to work with a brush and disc brush. It can be diluted with up to 5-10% water.

Its drying time is about 2-3hours, with an air temperature of 20-22 °C and adequate ventilation and ventilation. Coverage: 10-12 m2/litre/layer.


  • 2 lit
  • 5 lit
  • 10 lit

5. Paint Colour

Then, as required, the white or coloured HARZO Colour topcoat may be applied evenly in one to two or three layers, depending on the saturation of the colour, with a brush in the corners and edges, or with a short-haired high-quality roller (approx. 10-15 mm fibre length) on larger surfaces. It is the same craftsmanship as a plain painting on the side walls of the room, kitchen, etc. Between the layers provide about 2-4 hours of drying time. You can dilute the material with a thorough mixing by adding up to 5% water.

Drying time is about 2-4 hours with air temperature 20-22 °C and adequate ventilation and ventilation. Coverage: 10-11 m2/litre/layer.


  • 250 ml
  • 1 lit
  • 2.5 lit
  • 5 lit

6. Varnishing

After the HARZO Colour Top Coat has dried, the last minor repairs can follow, and then the mixing and apply of the HARZO two-component water varnish.

Mixing of varnish begins with the mixing of component A, then the agitation and mixing of components A and B is followed by a clean bucket with a clean mixing mud, stirring for 5-6 minutes so that the chemistry processes start. Conveniently, you have about 2 hours to apply the varnish, after which the varnish begins to dry into the bucket. Always work with a clean roller, brush and scraper grid!! For varnishing, it is worth use a new roller, brush, scraper grid per layer if you can’t wash it thoroughly!! For varnishing, use the SCHULLER brand’s MICROLINE PRO 17 mm hair-length paint roller and high-quality brush.

To the first layer you need to add 5% water, which you need to mix and so apply. Then after 2-3 hours of drying, you need to applicate it again, but without adding water. Even after adhering to the second layer, provide a minimum drying time of 2-3 hours.

Until you know the behavior of the material, always apply to a part of the wall at a time, and then the next part of the wall. Handle the two-component varnish carefully!! If it is necessary to divide the varnish, measure it in several directions, use a digital household scale for weighing and take care to ensure that the weight ratios are accurately observed.

Drying time per layer: about 2-3 hours, which depends on the air temperature and ventilation possibilities. Coverage: 10-12 m2/kg/layer


  • 1 kg (component A+B)
  • 4 kg (component A+B)

7. Care, polishing

The HARZO Liquid Polishing Care seals the microns of the dried varnishes, which are not visible to the naked eye, and protects them from abrasive effects and forms a protective layer, which is very easy to clean and keep clean.

Countless layers can be applied one after the drying. With the care, you can care for the surface every week, monthly, yearly, over and over again, ensuring its shine and the experience of cleaning it effortlessly.

HARZO Liquid Polishing-Care water-like, white liquid that becomes colourless after drying. On the completely dried varnish, you need to work in two or three layers using a microfiber mop, evenly dissiccating it. The Liquid Polishing care can be applied to the side wall with a short-haired (approx. 10 mm hair length) paint roller, or rolled up on the mopp, and then evenly distributed with a mop on the side wall.  Make sure it doesn’t flow!!

Drying time between layers is about 30-40 minutes, depending on the temperature. Coverage approx. 60 m2/litre/layer


  • 0.5 litres
  • 1 litre


It can be groomed and updated at any time and is very abundant.

It can also be used: on surfaces worn, painted or varnished in light, furniture, varnished parquet, laminated parquet, linoleum and enamel paints for renewal and care.

Available in silk-matte and glossy versions.

For varnishing and application of the Liquid Polishing care, it is recommended to wear gloves, because they are very insistent materials!

After finish the polishing, wash and unscrew the microfiber cloth thoroughly with water, so it remains usable again!

In ALL cases, the HARZO T-16 2K two-component primer should be used for the foundation of the sidewalls of showers! HARZO T16 2K two-component primer does NOT apply around bathtubs and other sidewalls or walking surfaces!

It is NOT used in built showers, high traffic baths, dressing rooms or industrial environments without the help of a specialist and the expert advice of the manufacturer! In these cases, please contact our application technicians at [email protected]  or Tel: 06 70 623 7610.



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