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Paint webshops where you can buy our HARZO products

Buy HARZO products in one of the webshops below and start demolition and dust-free home renovation! Whether it’s tile renovation, wall renovation or the renewal of your tiles, HARZO products are a safe solution!

Repainted World Webshop

Webshop for hobby furniture painters and creative renovators


Paint webshop and everything else

The products indicated in the webshop show a comprehensive picture from the manufacturers present on the Hungarian market. The continuous effort of FestékÁ Kft. is not only to create an information databank beyond commercial activities, through which this segment of the construction industry should be illustrated with a full range of browsers.


Pictor webshop

After years of preparation and planning, our online shop, Piktor Webshop, opened in 2020. Most of the range of paint shops and horticulture products can be found in the webshop.
It serves home builders and renovators with continuously expanding and seasonal stock of goods.
Products can also be ordered by national home delivery or by in-store pick-up in Győr/ Keszthely.


ÚJSZÁSZ PAINT HOUSE // Prestige Duo Kft.
with continuous, up-to-date stock!

We serve our customers with years of professional experience in paint goods and construction supplies. Our company is available to both residential users and entrepreneurs, as well as to anyone engaged in renovation, decorating or other construction activities!


Vintimage workshop and webshop

I paint furniture and walls, and with the utmost joy and love I work to make the creation acceptable to others. In my workshops and team building trainings, I give you this freedom and innovation in creation.

PURCHASE paint webshop

National webshop for the distribution of Keller ’71 Ltd. specific tiles and other home improvement materials.