Wall renovation, quick and easy

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Wall renovation, quick and easy

Textured painting, which does not require a routine of glazing. It can be made with little basic work, fast execution, in any colour.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! Mix all materials thoroughly before use. The tools can be washed with water!

Products sensing for it:

  • HARZO Penetrating Primer
  • HARZO 3 Structure Paint
  • Any indoor wall paint

Workflow, layer order description:

1. Basics

The base can also be a glazed or painted wall surface. The main thing is that the base surface is dry and durable. It must not contain substances having a separator effect, similar or other substances.  Layers, dust and deposits of lower strength must be removed. The base surface must be prepared by an appropriate mechanical process.

Then we can start with the HARZO Penetrating Primer.  Applicate the primer after thorough stirring without dilution. In 2-3 hours it will dry and be transmissible.

Its coverage on indoor wall painting and glazed foundations: 8-10 m2/lit/layer.

Drying time: about 2-3 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Penetrating Primer packaging:

  • 2 liters
  • 5 liters
  • 10 liters

2. Texture design, HARZO 3 structure with paint

HARZO 3 wall coating paint, due to the thickness of the layer, eliminates the aesthetic defects of glazing. In addition to the beautiful and special texture training, that is why it is lucky to apply it when the glazing does not succeed nicely.

Apply the coating material to the wall in a single layer with a paint roller. With one dip at a time, applicate and work an area of about 30×30 cm in irregular movements in an irregular shape. Then the next dip, then the next and so on, roll down one or two m2 wall surface.

Continue working with stainless steel filler iron, carefully place on the freshly aerated material and just float on top. Move gently, then gently lift it out. Short, irregular movements, in all directions.

Then continue rolling and align it to the zigzaz-finished texture. The rule is to always work irregularly for a proper outcome!

Apply an average of 1 kg of material to a surface of 1 m2. This way you will have the thickness, workable and moldable, your coating material. You don’t need to use a brush to grease the corners, you can use the filler iron to cleverly adjust the material to its place.

TIP: Before you start working, practice your movements on a sample board. Watching the video helps a lot! When you feel like you’re going easy, start on the wall, in a more secluded part. If you make a mistake, you can experience how you can improve it.  That way, you’ll have a simpler time on the big walls.

Coverage: 1 m2/kg/layer.

Drying time: about 3-6 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO 3 structure coating pack sizes:

  • 3 kg
  • 6 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 20 kg

3. Painting

The HARZO 3 Structure coating material dries after 3-6 hours and can be painted in any colour with any indoor wall paint.


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