LOFT design. Making a concrete wall

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LOFT design. Making a concrete wall

Making a concrete wall using the MATERIAL HARZO 3 LOFT. We will show you what techniques and additional materials are needed for the implementation.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! Mix all materials thoroughly before use. The tools can be washed with water!

Products sensing for it:

  • HARZO Penetrating Primer
  • HARZO 3 LOFT Natural concrete stone effect decorative filler
  • HARZO Glaze wall impregnating material

Workflow, layer order description:

1. Basics

The base can be glazed or even painted wall surface. The main thing is that the base surface is dry and durable. It must not contain substances having a separator effect, similar or other substances.  Layers, dust and deposits of lower strength must be removed. The base surface must be prepared by an appropriate mechanical process.

Then we can start with the HARZO Penetrating Primer.  Applicate the primer after thorough stirring without dilution. In 2-3 hours it will dry and can be paint.

Its coverage on indoor wall painting and glazed foundations: 8-10 m2/lit/layer.

Drying time: about 2-3 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Penetrating Primer packaging:

  • 2 liters
  • 5 liters
  • 10 liters

2. Concrete effect making with HARZO 3 LOFT decorative filler material

It is enough to apply HARZO 3 LOFT material in one layer.

Apply the material to the wall in an irregular shape using stainless steel filler iron. Take back the excess, leave it thin on the wall. It’s okay if the white base seems a little over from under it, it’s okay if the glazing isn’t too good, and it’s okay to have little cans left. On the contrary! These little mistakes and irregularities will form the pattern! At once, fillering one part of the wall, corner to corner. Wait until it starts to dry on the wall, the material. This waiting time depends on the air temperature and the degree of movement of the air. When the HARZO 3 LOFT material is sufficiently sagging and no longer malleable, start fillering with stainless steel filler iron. Small cans and bugs prottonous, under the influence of fillering, begin to play in different shades of gray. If you want more darker effects, put smaller or larger pieces of Loft material on the dry wall as you like. Then, after a few minutes, smooth it so that it is in the plane of the wall. The more you smooth on it, the darker the shade it will be!

In case the effect is darker than you planned, sand it with 300 sandpaper and it will lighten!  The quality of the wall surface thus constructed corresponds to a high-quality indoor wall painting.

TIP: Before you start working, practice your movements on a sample board. Watching the video helps a lot! When you feel like you’re going easy, start on the wall, in a more secluded part. If you make a mistake, you can experience how you can improve it.  That way, you’ll have a simpler time on the big walls.

Coverage: 1-1.5 m2/kg/layer.

Drying time: about 1-2 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO 3 LOFT decorative filler packaging:

  • 3 kg
  • 6 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 20 kg

3. Wall protection, HARZO Glaze wall impregnation material.

Use the HARZO wall impregnation glaze if you need more durable walls and want washable, rubbable, chemical resistant surfaces.

Applicate the wall guard glazing in two layers. For the first layer of glazing, pour 10-15% water. Mix well and apply to the wall with irregular movements. After 2 hours of drying time, without dilution, apply the second layer of glazing.

Coverage: 10-12 m2/litre/layer.

Drying time: about 1-2 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Glaze decorative and wall impregnating material packaging:

  • 250 ml
  • 1 litre
  • 2.5 litres
  • 5 liters


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