Making a rustic wall with bark effect

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Making a rustic wall with bark effect

We’ll show you how and with what materials you can create a bark-effect texture in your bedroom, stairwell, columns, or other surfaces.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! Mix all materials thoroughly before use. The tools can be washed with water!

Products sensing for it:

  • HARZO Penetrating Primer
  • HARZO Crystal Structure Coating
  • HARZO Contact Cover Paint
  • HARZO Glaze Decorative and wall impregnating material

Workflow, layer order description:

1. Basics

The base can also be a glazed or painted wall surface. The main thing is that the base surface is dry and durable. It must not contain substances having a separator effect, similar or other substances.  Layers, dust and deposits of lower strength must be removed. The base surface must be prepared by an appropriate mechanical process.

Then we can start with the HARZO Penetrating Primer.  Applicate the primer after thorough stirring without dilution. In 2-3 hours it will dry and be transmissible.

Its coverage on indoor wall painting and glazed foundations: 8-10 m2/lit/layer.

Drying time: about 2-3 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Penetrating Primer packaging:

  • 2 liters
  • 5 liters
  • 10 liters

2. The effect of bark, the formation of texture.

Dilute the HARZO Crystal Structure coating material with a little water, but only to make it creamy.

With stainless steel, apply the material to the wall. Start from above and follow the bread ribbon, 1-2 meters horizontally per bar.

Then go back to the material with the long edge of the filler iron and make movements as if you were trying to remove those narrow parts from the wall. Do all this with quick, consecutive, irregular movements.

Flatten the protraded parts with very gentle movements. Don’t strive to create perfect shapes. Here the main aspect is irregularity! Keep going until you finish the desired wall part.

To prevent a row pattern from forming, go back to the finished surface at random. With these movements, you can make the regularity of the pattern disappear!

Coverage: 0.5-0.7 kg/m2/layer.

Drying time: about 4-6 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Crystal Pack sizes:

  • 6 kg
  • 22 kg

3. Texture painting

After drying the coating material, after about 4-5 hours, grind it with abrasive canvas of 40 so that the protrinsive pieces detach and feel finer.

Dust and clean thoroughly!

Use HARZO Contact Cover paint to paint the polished texture. You do not need to dilute the paint.

Move by lane, by layout. Try to shoot in one layer, nicely, uniformly. If the first application goes stained, it’s okay, paint it again.

Keep going down the next lane, the same way.

The paint dries in 1-2 hours and at this point, if you paint the wall in one more layer, you could be ready if you want a monochrome wall!

The bark is a monochrome wall, it can be varied in colour according to countless possibilitie.

Coverage on a rustic basis for both paints: 6-8 m2/litre/layer.

Drying time: about 1-3 hours, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Contact cover paint packs:

  • 1 litre
  • 2.5 litres
  • 5 liters
  • 14 liters

4. Creating the colour effect

You can achieve a playful, glaze colour effect by ameating the HARZO wall glaze. Which not only decorates, but also provides strong, long-lasting protection!

Apply the pre-coloured lath, as described above, in the usual way, per bar.

Roll short sections. Then, using a rubber-made grouting shovel, wipe it off, pull the glazing off the top of the texture.

Use Kubala or Mapei grout paddles.

Move the rubber shovel back and forth. Work with both the long and the short sides!

The drying time of the glazer is 30-40 minutes and it is enough to applicate it in one layer!

The glazed surface is firm, does not crumble and is shock-resistant. Resistant to chemicals and rubbing!

Its coverage is rustic, on a bark basis: 8-10 m2/litre/layer.

Drying time: about 30 minutes-1 hour, depends on the temperature and proper ventilation, ventilation.

HARZO Glaze Decorative and impregnating packaging:

  • 250 ml
  • 1 litre
  • 2.5 litres
  • 5 liters
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HARZO Crystal Structure Coating


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