Special additive for adhesion and flexibility – Power-B

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Special additive for adhesion and flexibility – Power-B

How do I apply latex to painting or oil painting or to non-absorbent foundations?

Using the HARZO Power-B additive, renovation glazing can be performed on latex-based paints, oil footings, wooden surfaces and walls painted with various paints.

Furthermore, it is perfect for creating a strong, safe base before loading quality vinyl wallpapers, as well as for preparing a base before quality wall painting.


Characteristics of the glazed material mixed with the HARZO Power-B additive, after drying:

  • excellent adhesion
  • flexible, bendable
  • does not pulver
  • sticks to the smallest cracks and recesses
  • well sandable
  • less particulate matter
  • provides a strong, flexible base for vinyl wallpapers
  • delicate wallpapers do not hump
  • quality painting can be made on its surface
  • the filler and the dye painted on it are not ripped off by the masking tape


Mixing Power-B with water and filler plaster:

  • Part 1 Power-B
  • 3 parts water
  • 8 parts filler gips

The measuring pot can be a sour cream box or small pot or any dish. The main thing is that the pot selected for the measurement = 1 part.

Measure the additive, water and dust with the same bowl.

In a clean bucket pour 1 part of Power-B additive, then add 3 parts of water and sprinkle on it 8 parts of powdered casting plaster on it. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes, then mix to a creamy consistency. If it feels dense, add a little water, mix it to make it softer. And in case it’s a little thin, sprinkle on it a little of the plaster powder on it and mix it again. After that, you can work with him.

The material mixed with the Power-B additive increases the bucket time. So, it stops working in the bucket much longer without hardening, so it becomes easier, more flexible to work. You can work the next day with the material mixed in this way!

The HARZO Power-B additive is a versatile and intelligent product and can therefore be used in several areas!

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HARZO Power-B Special Additive