Special additive for adhesion and flexibility – Power-B

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Special additive for adhesion and flexibility – Power-B

Do you want to glue tiles to a wood-based surface with traditional or flexible tile glue?

Make a cylindrical special primer made of Power-B additive, water and powdered tile glue, as follows!

  • special primer can be made on wooden foundations, so that the wood can be paved
  • the Special Primer can be made of tile glue for the cladding
  • thus the bridge formation will be cement-based
  • rough, so the tiles do not slip on a vertical surface
  • provides a hard, but flexible foundation
  • Using 1 litre of Power-B, you can make about 5kg of primer
  • With 5 kg of prepared foundation, about 10-15 m2 of suction-capable wooden base can be laid
  • can be wrapped at 23°C after about 1-2 hours

Mix power-B with water and tile glue:


The measuring pot can be a sour cream box or small pot or any dish. The main thing is that the pot selected for the measurement = 1 part.

Measure the additive, water and dust with the same bowl.

After you have weighed the portions in the order above, let them stand in the bucket for 2-3 minutes, then mix. After mixing, let it stand again for 2-3 minutes and mix again. You can all start working with it after that. Remember, in this mixing ratio, you have made a rollable primer and you will apply it to the surface with a paint roller, on which you can cover after drying!

The material mixed with the Power-B additive increases the bucket time. So, it stops working in the bucket much longer without hardening, so it becomes easier, more flexible to work. You can work the next day with the material mixed in this way!

The HARZO Power-B additive is a versatile and intelligent product, so you can use it in several areas.

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HARZO Power-B Special Additive