Renovating wood glazing

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Renovating wood glazing

Renovation of garden furniture.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! Mix all materials thoroughly before use. The tools can be washed with water!

Products sensing for it:

  • HARZO Wood glazing-Kombo

Workflow, layer order description:

As a first step, if the surface of the wood is very ugly and worn out, start grinding with abrasive canvas 60. If you feel it necessary, you can switch at any time to abrasive canvas with a finer grain structure. Spare your hands, so work in gloves and make sure that no arista go into your hands.

After grinding, carefully dust.

Next up is the glazing, HARZO wood glazing-kombo, with thin glaze. At the ends of the wood, where the rings are clearly visible, applicate plenty of the glaze paint.

With your brush, always apply the glaze paint in the direction of the wood. Glaze paint dries in dry weather at an air temperature of 20 degrees after about 2-3 hours. You can then sand or applicate the second layer as needed.

Avoid glazing in humid, wet or hot, sunny weather.

HARZO is a glaze paint and an excellent preventive wood protector! Among other things, it is intended for the permanent protection of wood, blue mold and wooden fungi, therefore no special primer should be used.

However, it should be borne in mind that preventive wood is a protective agent, it is only suitable for protecting a healthy wood base! Sick wooden foundations, you’re not going to fix it.

In addition to the outdoor application, you can use the HARZO Wood glazing Combo indoors, both hard and softwood. Volatile organic compounds, not containing!

Excellent weather forms a protective coating with a standing, silky shine. It easily spins the water and, besides, allows the moisture content of the wood to evaporate.

Always work from a clean pot with a clean roller, brush and scraping grid!

Drying time: about 1-2 hours, which depends on the air temperature and ventilation possibilities.  After 3-4 hours, it can be sanded and transferred.

Coverage: approx. 10-14 m2/litre/layer/

Packages of HARZO Wood glazing-Kombo:

  • 250 ml
  • 1 Lit
  • 2.5 Lit
  • 5 Lit

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HARZO Wood glazing-Kombo