A care that protects. Provides a step and abrasion-resistant foundation

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A care that protects. Provides a step and abrasion-resistant foundation

It can be used for renewal and care on surfaces worn in light of laminated parquet, linoleum, painted or varnished wood, furniture, lacquered parquet floors, enamel paints and other non-absorbent paints.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! Mix all materials thoroughly before use. The tools can be washed with water!

Products sensing for it:

  • HARZO Liquid polishing care

Workflow, layer order description:

You can apply it indoors to most load-bearing non-absorbent sidewalls and floor bases, such as laminate flooring, vinyl, linoleum, laminated furniture, all plastic, ceramic, lacquered wood parquet floors, as well as wearable non-absorbent painted, lacquered surfaces, doors, furniture, for the renewal and care of light. It is particularly resistant to dirt and traces of traffic, recessed footprints, black features pulled by heels. The low viscosity allows for trouble-free application and gives the floor and sidewall a very well-groomed and clean look. It provides excellent protection against discolouration due to ultraviolet rays. The surfaces covered with the HARZO Liquid Polishing Care are very easy to clean with all-purpose cleaners found in the household!

1. Preparation, degreasing

After removing the obstruction fittings, continue the work by degreasing and thorough cleaning. After chemical cleaning, wash the surfaces with clean water and wipe dry.

2. Grooming

Shake before use! It can only be worn on dry surfaces! Use rubber gloves for work.

On vertical surfaces: Using a small clear paint roller, roll the undiluted HARZO Polishing Care onto the mopp and spread it evenly on the sidewall so that the next row covers the previous one even when it is still wet. Repeat this process after 20-60 minutes of drying. Make sure the material  doesn’t  flow. If you want to care for kitchen furniture doors, remove the microfiber wiper from the handle and applicate it by holding a microfiber wipe in your hand. Use rubber gloves.

For walking surfaces: Pour an undiluted HARZO Polishing Care on the floor.  With a pocket mop, evenly distribute the liquid on the floor in strips of about 1-1.5 meters so that the polishing strips overlap while they are still wet.

Allow to dry completely (20-60 minutes) before applying an additional layer to the surface.

During the first care, non-porous (e.g. laminated furniture sheet, laminate parquet), smooth surfaces require two thin layers. Porous surfaces, e.g. linoleum, varnished surface, usually need three layers. In the case of sidewalls, doors and furniture, during the first care, usually in two layers, later care in one layer may be sufficient.

ATTENTION! The mopp is worth purchasing together with a handle, because with the help of the handle you can easily care for the floors, and on the side wall, by unscrewing the handle from the head, it becomes a practical, easy-to-rotate, skillful tool for caring for the sidewall!

Care can be repeated at any time. During repetitive care, it is usually enough to use the HARZO Liquid Polishing Care in one layer. The need to repeat care depends on the load on the surface. In our experience, in an average family house, surfaces are take cared twice in the first year, and in the second and subsequent years up to once a year.

Of course, these experiences do not hinder the possibility of multiple grooming if someone requires it. With HARZO Polishing Care, you can care for surfaces up to weekly.

Surfaces with HARZO Polishing And Care can be cleaned with household cleaning products (e.g. Ajax, Domestos, etc.). Avoid the use of highly alkaline (e.g. Trio) or highly acidic (e.g. descaling agents) detergent concentrates, as these cleaners will make your shine more matte! If this happens, simply apply a layer of polish to the matte surface using a mop as described above.

Always work from a clean pot with a clean roller, a mop and a pull-down grid!

Drying time: about 20 minutes-1 hours and can be transferred, which depends on the air temperature and ventilation possibilities.

Coverage: approx. 50-60 m2/litre/layer/

Packages of HARZO Polishing-Care:

  • 100 ml
  • 0.5 Litres
  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Liters

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HARZO Liquid polishing care

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