Unique decoration with HARZO Dekor special decorative material

Everyone wants their home to be as unique as they are. With HARZO Dekor special decorative material, you can create any wall you want.

HARZO Dekor special decorative material

HARZO Dekor is a velvety, slightly holographic, fine-grained, loose, water-dilutable, solvent-free, special decorative material with a slightly holographic effect when exposed to light.

It is a translucent material due to its loose consistency and can usually be applied smoothly glued and painted on a plain white wall. In special cases, e.g. if you want to decorate glass, plastic furniture panels, etc. with HARZO Dekor, you should first prime with HARZO T-16 primer. It can be used to create truly unique wall inlays or even walls of entire rooms. It is also excellent for stenciling.

It is fun to use and easy to learn. It is best applied with a brush or tufting.

This means using a double brush with thick hairs, wider than medium, dipping the end of the brush hair and tapping it against the surface, preferably to create shapeless forms over an area of about a quarter to half a square metre. Repeat this either by going slightly over the edge of the existing shape, where you will get a so-called stippling effect, or by leaving a slight distance between the existing shape and the existing one, where the patterns will be slightly separated and you will get a nice cloudy effect. Both will give your wall a very exclusive look.

The effect can be enhanced by smoothing out a single shape with a stainless steel glue iron.

Of course, you can use any decorative tool or technique you like, according to your imagination. Washable, cleanable, hard to get dirty!

The base, receiving surface is smoothly sanded as for traditional painting, and then smeared with one or two coats of white interior paint. After drying, a final coat of a matt white façade paint is applied over the surface to create a suitable base under Harzo Decor.

It can be diluted with water if required, but is not necessary. Tools can be washed with water immediately after application.

Drying time in suitable conditions is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Custom wall decoration painting, covering wall defects with Harzo Dekor special decorative material.