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Stenciling ideas

We will show you how and with what material you can make a convex stencil pattern.

HARZO products are always water-based materials! Mix all materials thoroughly before use. The tools can be washed with water!

Products sensing for it:

  • HARZO-Fix Sealing materials
  • HARZO Parquet Varnish

Workflow, layer order description:

You can create embossed decorations with the help of a plastic stencil template. Plastic templates are suitable for the design of the embossing pattern, because they have a thickness.

Attach the plastic template to the surface where you want to make the decoration with the help of adhesive tape.

After all this, use a stainless steel spatula to trap the HARZO-Fix Sealing materials in the center of the template, then right next to it, and so on until the pattern is covered by the material. It’s no accident that the term “trap” is used to slam it so that the material doesn’t get smeared under the template. Once you’ve put up enough material and the material wraps the pattern, you can start taking the excess off it.

Immediately after you have removed the excess, detach the template from the surface and soak it in water. So most of the patch material detaches from it. Then gently wash and soak up the water, wipe the template dry. If used in this way, it will remain applicable to countless stencilings.

After drying the Patch, polish the surface of the relief pattern with abrasive canvas of about 120 to make it feel fine and dust it.

If you need to varnish (e.g. for doors, furniture), varnish it with HARZO Parquet floors in two layers. You can dilute the first layer of varnish with 10% water and ensure 1-2 hours of drying time between the layers. Applicate the second layer without dilution.

Always work with a clean spatula, roller, brush and scraper grid.

Repair patch drying time: about 1-3 hours, which depends on the thickness of the material, air temperature and ventilation possibilities.

Coverage: depends on layer thickness and template pattern

HARZO-Fix Sealing Materials Packaging:

  • 250 gr
  • 750 gr
  • 3 kg

Parquet varnish drying time: about 1-2 hours, which depends on the air temperature and ventilation possibilities.

Coverage: approx. 10-11 m2/litre/layer/

Packaging of HARZO Parquet varnish:

  • 250 ml
  • 1 Lit
  • 2.5 Lit
  • 5 Lit

Available in three types of light:

  • matt
  • silk light
  • bright