Painting tiles – HARZO Color topcoat

When we think of tile renovation, the first thing that comes to mind is that we have to demolish the tiles in the bathroom, but with HARZO Color Topcoat we can renovate our bathrooms without demolition. Before using HARZO Color topcoat, you can also apply HARZO T-16 Special Two-Component Water-Based Primer, which will develop the coating and colour of the tile.

HARZO Color topcoat

HARZO Color topcoat is a water-based topcoat primarily developed for HARZO tile restoration systems.

What is it for?

HARZO Color topcoat is used in the simple tile painting category to develop the coating and colour of the tile paint after the HARZO T-16 Special two-component water-based primer. It is also a colourable topcoat for smooth surfaces formed with HARZO Tile Glues, which by itself (even without varnishes!) forms a well resistant, silk matt gloss finish.

When is it recommended?

HARZO Color topcoat is recommended for all tile renovations where a solid colour surface is required. In cases where the use of HARZO Two-Component Varnish is not justified, HARZO Color Topcoat can provide protection on its own! Furthermore, when used in conjunction with HARZO T-16 Special Two-Component Primer, HARZO Two-Component Varnishes and Conditioners, it will result in a long-lasting finish, a much safer, more successful finish. Helping users to get the job done!

Where and what else can it be used for besides tile renovation?

HARZO Color topcoat is a topcoat for furniture refinishing materials, wooden toys, both exterior and interior. It is also recommended for covering properly prepared substrates, wood, plaster, drywall, concrete and other surfaces prepared for painting, both indoors and outdoors. HARZO Color topcoat, applied in three coats to exterior surfaces, protects surfaces against the undesirable effects of weathering. UV stable! For interior use on wooden substrates, two coats can be applied as required, it is truly scrubable and easy to clean!


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