Furniture and floor care – HARZO Masonry and HARZO Parquet varnish

Furniture and floor care – Water-based wood varnish, suitable for exterior and interior hardwood and softwood care, as well as varnish to protect parquet surfaces

In every household, you will find wooden furniture and wooden floors. It is important to take good care of these everyday objects so that they can continue to decorate our homes. Proper furniture care and floor care are important.

No one is unfamiliar with the many uses of wood. It is used in paper making, construction, musical instruments, automobiles, art, and so on. When using wood as furniture, proper care is an important aspect to preserve its long-lasting durability. HARZO Wood Stain Combo is a water-based wood stain for this purpose, suitable for both interior and exterior hardwood and softwood surfaces. It gives a fast drying, aesthetic silk gloss finish, making the treated wood surface easy to clean and highly resistant. Excellent weather resistant, silky gloss. It protects with the strength of thick varnish, easily repels water and allows moisture to evaporate from the wood with the effectiveness of thin varnish.

HARZO Parquet Varnish Primer is ideal for the maintenance of wooden floors. This preventive wood preservative has been developed to provide long-lasting protection against blue mould and wood decay fungi on pine and hardwoods. You don’t have to risk your health when applying the parquet finish, as the product does not emit toxic fumes, as Harzo Parquet Varnish Primer has a VOC content of 0gr/liter, so it is free of volatile organic compounds! HARZO Parquet Varnish Primer is deeply absorbed into the wood fibres, fixing the wood preservative and the fibres.

HARZO furniture care and floor care offers solutions to keep your wood and floors in excellent condition.

By caring for your floors and cleaning them regularly, your wooden floors will remain in excellent condition. Only a little water is needed to clean wooden floors, as wood swells when it gets wet. For floor care, parquet varnish helps to provide long-lasting protection for the parquet and floor. HARZO Parquet Varnish is a water-based acrylic polyurethane varnish suitable for varnishing and surface treatment of hard and soft wood, parquet, furniture, doors, panelling and other wooden surfaces. The surface treated with HARZO parquet varnish is flexible, vapour and air permeable, provides long-lasting protection, wear resistance and is easy to clean.



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