Create a decorative effect wall with Harzo Dekor special decorative material

With HARZO Dekor, you can create special decorative surfaces with a velvety effect or a shell pattern that react playfully to light.

It is a special decorative material with a fine grain structure, loose texture, water-dilutable, solvent-free. It is a translucent material due to its loose nature and can usually be applied smoothly and applied to a wall painted a plain white.

It’s a lot of fun to apply and easy to learn. It is best applied with a brush by tufting. The effect can be enhanced by smoothing it out gently with a stainless steel glue brush as you complete a shape.

When decorating with tufting, it is recommended to apply one coat on the wall. The irregular, amoeba shapes created by tufting can be gently glued together or left a few millimetres apart, so that the white base remains visible in thin, irregular strokes.

Unique wall decoration painting, covering up wall imperfections with Harzo Dekor special decorative material.