Tree care with the Harzo Woodcare Combo

Harzo Woodstain Combo is a water-based woodstain suitable for exterior and interior hardwood and softwood. It can be used for the surface treatment of exterior and interior shutters, fences, panelling, veneered surfaces, garden furniture, eaves boards and other wooden objects. It is fast drying and forms an aesthetic silky finish, making the treated wood surface easy to clean and highly resistant. Excellent weather-resistant, silky gloss. It protects with the strength of thick varnish, easily repels water and allows moisture to evaporate from the wood with the effectiveness of thin varnish.

Renovating with Harzo Masonry Combo

HARZO stain is also an excellent preventive wood preservative. Among other things, it provides long-lasting protection against wood, blue mould and wood decay fungi, so no special primer is required. HARZO Woodstain Combo can be used indoors as well as outdoors, for both hard and softwood. It contains no volatile organic compounds. It forms an excellent weather resistant, silky gloss protective coating. It easily repels water and, in addition, allows the moisture content of the wood to evaporate.

Painting lacquered panelling without sanding with Harzo Woodstain Combo. Harzo Masonry Combo is a water-based, coloured, polyurethane varnish for wood and various wood surfaces.

Renovation and painting of lacquered furniture with Harzo Woodstain Combo water-based wood stain.