Priming with HARZO-T16 Special Two-Component Primer

HARZO T-16 Special Two-Component Water-Based Primer is a primer developed for tile renovation systems. It provides a safe base around wetblocks and should be applied as a primer to all tile surfaces prior to topcoating and varnishing.

It adheres well to most topcoats. Topcoats and lacquers applied over HARZO T-16 Special Two-Component Primer provide even greater protection than anything else to date.

It is recommended to use it together with HARZO Color Topcoat and HARZO Two-Component Varnishes and Conditioners when painting tiles! By using HARZO® HARZO® HARZO® HARZO® HARZO® HARZO®, you can paint walkways and water blocks even safer and longer lasting! It is also recommended to use it as a primer, in showers, on side walls and on heavy-duty walking surfaces before applying HARZO tiles!

Harzo T16 Special two-component primer, clean, dust-free industrial resin, provides perfect adhesion and a safe, long-lasting base on side walls and floors, concrete, screeded concrete, substrate levelling, painted and varnished furniture, plastic, glass, primed metal, aluminium, copper, furniture board, osb board surfaces.

Painting tiles without dismantling, grey, coloured, beautiful, turquoise tiles.

Removal of old tiles, at home, in house, without dismantling with Harzo T16 Special Two Component Primer.

Repainting, decorating, covering, renovating old tiles in bathrooms, kitchens with Harzo T16 Special Two-Component Primer.