Conditioning and polishing with Harzo Brightener

HARZO Brightener is a two-component lacquer, which can be used in a system with HARZO lacquers for care and brightening. It can also be used for renewal and care on light worn, painted or varnished wood, furniture, varnished parquet, laminate parquet, linoleum and surfaces painted with enamel paints and other non-absorbent paints.

HARZO Brightening and Conditioning Varnish seals micron-sized pores invisible to the naked eye on varnishes and renews and protects other surfaces listed above from abrasion, making it very easy to clean and maintain. Numerous coats can be applied in succession after drying. The conditioner can be used daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even every few years to care for the surface over and over again, ensuring its shine, protection and the ongoing experience of a light cleaning experience.

Plank primer, plank polishing and renovation without dismantling, at home.